About Us

History and Vision:

This blog started on 19 Nov, 2014 as a compilation of the creations in our household.  We are not professional chefs by any stretch of the imagination.  What we are, however, are two people who love cooking, going out to eat, and watching Top Chef, The Taste, Masterchef, etc, etc, etc.

cs grew up watching the Urban Peasant with James Barber on cbc everyday after school, and absolutely loved it!

Jax loves to eat!  She has spent the better part of her life exploring restaurants in Vancouver, and around the world.

Not only will you find our creations that we make at home [Food we cook] but you will also find restaurants that we visit [Food we love] as well as other items that we may not necessarily like, but find post-worthy [Food we eat]


cs: Born in 197something, and loves food.

  • Cooking Style: Asian
  • Favourite Food: Korean Style Shortribs, Sashimi
  • Favourite Movie: Bloodsport
  • Best Restaurant: Eleven Madison Park, NYC [Last visited 2013]

Jax: Also born in 197something, and also loves food.

  • Cooking Style: Italian, Non-Asian
  • Favourite Food: Lasagne
  • Favourite Movie: Underworld
  • Best Restaurant: Sushi By Yuji, Vancouver

2014-macaroon-high-tea 004

(What a perfectly good looking picture ruined by the placement of that flower!)

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  1. Sandra Wilkinson says:

    Great blog. Your wife is hot. Have you or are you into swapping. My husband and I would love to have some fun with you guys next time we’re in town. Give us a holler.


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