Summertime Raspberry Lemon Almond Cake [Gluten Free]

The weather here has been phenomenal this past week!  It’s been very warm, and summer-like!  This put Jax in the mood to make a light cake, that is perfect to share during a bbq or picnic.  The added benefit? It’s gluten free! (You can also use many other buzzwords, like Paleo, flourless, berry, etc, but…

Can’t Eat Pasta? Have Spaghetti Squash!

So as most of you know by now, CS has a white flour allergy which has led to some interesting food substitutions.  The most significant one I’ve been on a search for is pasta, which I loooove.   We’ve tried quinoa spaghetti, brown rice lasagna, 100% whole wheat linguine and, surprisingly, the list goes on….