Honey Toast Box

Starting off, I’m going to go through a few of our older creations until we get caught up to date.

In Vancouver, there are a few places that specialize in what is known as a ‘Honey Toast Box’ — a loaf of bread, sweetened with sugar and glazed with butter, and topped with fruit.  What8ver, and Flo were some of our favourite places to go.  We decided to try making it at home from scratch!

The first step was to bake a loaf of bread.  Not just any bread mind you, but a super light white flour sweetened bread.  The one I decided to make was similar to Portuguese style bread, because I like the taste (even though white flour makes me sick, I’m totally willing to suffer for it!)

Fresh made sweetened bread
Fresh made sweetened bread

The next step is to cut it into equal rectangles, which is accomplished using a nice bread knife, and great precision, aka, eyeballing it

Cut into rectangles
Cut into rectangles

Remove the rectangles from the shell, by slicing a thin cut across the bottom almost all the way to each edge.  Be careful not to cut too all the way, as you want to keep the shell intact.

To flavour the bread, mix honey, sugar, and melted butter in an proportion that suits you.  I prefer buttery-sugary to honey, so I skewed the ratio towards that.  However, if you so wish, you can use cinnamon, or whatever flavours you like.

Glazed with a honey butter sugar mixture
Glazed with a honey butter sugar mixture

Bake or toast this in the oven until it just becomes golden, and no more than that.  Re-arrange the pieces back into the shell, and top with your favourite fruits, ice cream, and sweets.  I love mangoes, strawberries, and kiwis.

the finished product
the finished product

Ta da!  There you have it.  Simple homemade honey toast box!


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