Jax’s Salmon Wellington – A Secret Family Classic

This dish had it’s beginnings in my uncle’s restaurant in the 80s.  The place was called Jonathan’s (named after my cousin) and you could find it on Granville Island back in the day.  My mom and dad LOVED this dish and we would go there every Sunday to have it for brunch. Since the restaurant closed down we have never found a place that makes it quite like Jonathan’s.

Flash forward several years to when my bro and I would make our family holiday dinners and we decided to try and replicate this beloved dish.  It took a couple of years of experimenting but for the last 10 years, this is how I now make Salmon Wellington.  It’s my go-to dish when I don’t know what else to bring for a potluck and it’s still my mom’s favourite.  I don’t use measurements and everything is done to taste.  I’ve been asked for the recipe many times and my reply is always, “you’ll have to watch me make it cause I just throw a bunch of things together” 😉

2015-salmon-wellington2 010


  • Salmon Fillet
  • Puff Pastry
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sour Cream
  • Dill
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice

*Note* All measurements done to taste

2015-salmon-wellington 001

Secret Sauce:

You’ll want to make extra sauce as it will be used to bake with, as well as a topping when served.  If you are anything like our family, you’ll smother the entire thing in this sauce!

Grab a large mixing bowl, and add in the mayonnaise and sour cream.  Stir until mixed completely.


Chop up the dill into small pieces.  Don’t use the stems as those are too bitter.  Throw the finely chopped dill into the mixture.


Add in a small amount of dijon mustard and lemon juice to give it that tang.


Finally drizzle on the honey, and mix it all together.


Salmon Wellington:

Dice your mushrooms into small bite sized pieces.  Fry up the mushrooms until all of the water comes out into the pan.

2015-salmon-wellington 002

Add in your washed, and dried spinach.

2015-salmon-wellington 007

Fry the entire mixture down until there is absolutely zero moisture left.  Don’t worry with how it looks!

2015-salmon-wellington 015

Wait until the mushroom spinach mixture is cool before the next step.

Lay out the puff pastry, and cut it in half.  Add some of the cool mushroom mixture into the centre of the pasty.

2015-salmon-wellington 019

Add a layer of the mayonnaise sauce.  Once again, just add it in roughly.  No need to keep it neat and tidy.

2015-salmon-wellington 020

Add your piece of salmon filet on top.  Make sure it’s not too big!

2015-salmon-wellington 021

Cover the fish with the other piece of puff pastry, and then tightly seal the edges.  If you want to make it pretty, you can braid it.

2015-salmon-wellington 027

Throw it in the oven for 45 mins at 425 F, and take out when the pastry is golden brown.

2015-salmon-wellington 028

Cut into large slices, and serve with a dollop of the secret sauce!

2015-salmon-wellington2 010

Ta da!  There you have it!  Jax’s Secret Family Classic Salmon Wellington!  Always use high quality fresh salmon as this will make the biggest difference! 


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  1. Nina says:

    I was just telling someone about this dish! Jax is quite the cook, I remember it well even though it has been 5+ years since I have had it


  2. This sounds lovely and really tasty. Thank you for sharing this.



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