Messi Pesto Chicken Wings

Rounding out the end of summer, we grew a tonne of basil — more basil than any one family could possibly eat.  Not wanting to waste it, we made it into a pesto (simply basil, garlic, olive oil, parmesan, and a little salt and black pepper.  Use a touch of lemon juice to prevent it from browning.)  This freezes extremely well.  Not wanting to eat it with pasta, I saw we had a pack of chicken wings in our deep freeze.  I absolutely love garlic parmesan wings, so why wouldn’t I love it with a little bit of basil as well?!

No, I didn’t misspell Messy — Lionel Messi is my current favourite footballer.  I have a soft spot for shorties like me!  However, until he has his own magical world cup moment, he still ranks behind Maradona.  Still, that man is amazing to watch!

2015-pesto-chicken 026


  • Chicken
  • Pesto
  • Parmesan (or other cheeses)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Onions (Optional)

2015-pesto-chicken 001


Preheat your oven to 400 F.  This recipe will take a while because we are baking chicken bone-in.  Give yourself at least an hour to make this.

Thoroughly mix the pesto with your chicken.  No need to pre-marinade.

2015-pesto-chicken 003

We had some extra sliced onions from when we made the Asian Cucumber appy’s, so we decided to throw it in as well.

2015-pesto-chicken 007

Grab a nice baking dish, spray it with oil (or wipe it down with cooking oil/butter) so that the chicken doesn’t stick.  Throw all of your chicken into the dish, evenly levelled.

2015-pesto-chicken 009

Cover with aluminum foil, and bake for at least 50 mins.

Take it out, and use a spatula to toss it all around.

2015-pesto-chicken 011

Next, grab your Parmesan, and grate it.  I also had some Habanero Cheese, so I used that as well.  Gotta bring tha’ heat!

2015-pesto-chicken 013

Sprinkle it over the chicken.

2015-pesto-chicken 014

Throw it back in the oven, this time without the aluminum foil.  Cook for another 10 mins.  The cheese will become beautifully gooey.

2015-pesto-chicken 017

At this point, you can sprinkle a bit more parmesan on, or just eat it as is.

2015-pesto-chicken 025

Ta da!  There you have it.  Pesto Chicken Wings!

ps, do you like my serving dish?  Superstore Roast Chicken takeout container ftw!


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