Brewery And the Beast


Last year, Jax had heard about an event that showcased all of the top restaurants in Vancouver in one venue, where it was all you can eat.  After she told me about it, we knew we had to attend the next year.  Well guess what — that was today!


Called Brewery And The Beast, it is a marriage of alcohol and meat.  Really, can life get any better on a hot summer day?

Arriving nice and early to beat the crowds, we learned that everyone had the same idea.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 006

It didn’t matter though, as once the gates opened, promptly on time, everyone flowed through without any delay.  +1 for the organization!


Greeting you as you entered was a simple hand drawn map, as well as the menu for the day at each stall.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0682016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0762016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0752016-BreweryAndTheBeast 074

Ignoring them completely, we just hit up the first tent, and never looked back.


No point me in talking about the food.  The pictures will speak for themselves.  *warning* — picture intensive post!  Unlike my other wordy posts, I’m not going to review this at all, other than to say even at $100 / ticket, it was well worth the money.  I look forward to going back next year!


And now, the pictures!


2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0072016-BreweryAndTheBeast 009

Pigs on a spit were quite common today.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0102016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0112016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0122016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0132016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0142016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0152016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0162016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0192016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0212016-BreweryAndTheBeast 022

This was my favourite dish of the day!  Hawksworth, you have redeemed yourself.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0242016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0252016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0282016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0302016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0312016-BreweryAndTheBeast 032

I loved this bbq setup.  Who needs something fancy when all you really need are tinder blocks?!

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0332016-BreweryAndTheBeast 034

Phillips beer was the vendor of choice.  Continual lineup here, however I never waited more than 30 seconds for a refill.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0352016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0362016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0372016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0382016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0392016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0402016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0412016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0442016-BreweryAndTheBeast 046

For you hippies, there was kombucha.  I stayed far far far far far away from this stall …

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0472016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0482016-BreweryAndTheBeast 049


Offal was on display in full force.  This place had chicken heart skewers.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0512016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0532016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0552016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0572016-BreweryAndTheBeast 058


This roti and pork belly was great.  Definite Asian flair in this dish, and it worked.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 060

The crispy part of this suckling pig was amazing.  I half jokingly talked with the chef that he had better not waste the snout and ears, and he said he was saving all of them to take home.  Smart man!


2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0612016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0622016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0632016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0642016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0652016-BreweryAndTheBeast 066

This was amazingly smart.  Having a station with frozen towels to cool people down.  another +1 for the organizers!  Extremely well run event!

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0672016-BreweryAndTheBeast 078

Look!  Veggies!

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0792016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0822016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0832016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0842016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0852016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0872016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0902016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0912016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0932016-BreweryAndTheBeast 094

By the end of the event, this stall was the most popular.

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 0722016-BreweryAndTheBeast 073

These guys were heroes to everyone 🙂

2016-BreweryAndTheBeast 071


Things that stood out:

  • More than enough food for everyone, even if you came late.
  • Limited number of tickets sold, so there was enough space to move.  Lineups all moved extremely quickly
  • The organization was top notch.  Other events in the city could learn a thing or three from them.
  • Only a couple of stalls ran out of food 2 hours into the event.  90% of the stalls still had more than enough for everyone
  • Jax and I shared every dish, so that we could hit up every stall.  Even having only 1/2 of every dish each, we were stuffed.
  • Only 3 things we wished there was more of: Shade, Chairs, and non-alcoholic cold beverages.

We can’t wait for next year!









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