Vodka Gummy Bears

Going a little off base here.  While technically it is still food, I would call this closer to a drink.  This is one of my favourite party snacks, with a little punch!

First thing to do is separate your gummies by colour into separate vessels.

2011-vodka-gummy-bears 001

Next, pick your poison.  (Putting gummy worms in a tequila bottle works quite nicely as well 🙂 )

2011-vodka-gummy-bears 002

Third, load’er up, and cover.  Set in the fridge overnight (or two.)  they will swell up nicely.

2011-gummybears 003

Finally put into a serving dish and get the party going!

2011-gummybears 014

2011-gummybears 008

Ta da!  There you have it!  Vodka (and others) Gummy Bears!


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