Epic Hot dog

I’m going back to 2011 with this one!  I was in the midst of my prime-epic-mealtime-wannabe phase, making my own epic meals.  One of these absolutely awesome epic meals was a hot dog!  Not just any hot dog as you are about to see.

The first step is ground beef.  Add an egg to bind it altogether.

epic-hotdog 004

Next create a bacon weave, and sprinkle brown sugar on it to caramelize it.

epic-hotdog 005

Fry up some nice sausage.

epic-hotdog 007

Press the ground beef into a rectangular pan line with aluminum foil.  Add a couple strips of crispy bacon all along the edge.  Add in your fried sausage.  round it off with some good old fashioned double-smoked cheese.

epic-hotdog 010

Wrap it up tightly and bake in the oven, along with the bacon weave.

epic-hotdog 011

When its done be careful when opening it, otherwise it will break apart (as shown below =( )

epic-hotdog 017

Lay the bacon weave out, and carefully wrap the meat log in it.  This will help keep the massive sucker together.

epic-hotdog 020

Add some garnish and condiments ontop of your favourite bun.  I like lettuce, tomatoes, and CHEESE.  Dijon goes well with it too.

epic-hotdog 026

epic-hotdog 031

Ta da!  There you have it.  an epic hot dog!



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  1. Marty says:

    For some reason it just makes me wanna Banh Mi


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