Cauliflower ‘Rice’

We are trying to limit our rice intake these days (which for a Chinese person is like asking a fish to live out of water), and Jax has a great way of doing this, while still psychologically making you feel like you had your starch for the meal!  The solution? Chop of cauliflower super small into bits that look like rice!  This has become a staple in our house because of its simplicity, and as well as how good it tastes.  The only ingredient you need is cauliflower, however we like to jazz it up and add a few extra bits to make it actually taste good.

Get a head of cauliflower, remove the icky green stuff below it, and chop it up super super fine (into the size of rice grains).  We also add in 1 onion per half head, and 1 entire garlic per whole head.

2014-cauliflower-rice 002

2014-cauliflower-rice 003

If you are adding in onions and garlic, fry it in a pan first under medium-low heat with some oil so that it doesn’t burn.  After a few mins of frying (roughly 10 depending how low your heat is) add in the cauliflower.

2014-cauliflower-rice 004

This is where you can get creative based on your mood.  We’ve been known to throw in various things, such as chicken stock to flavour it.  We use very little salt in our household, so we personally don’t add any, but it does make it taste much better.  Feeling indian? add some cumin.  Feeling Caribbean? add some hot peppers.  Make certain you don’t overcook it, otherwise it will turn brown (as shown below with some bits)

2014-cauliflower-rice 007

Add your favourite protein (mmm, steak!)

2014-cauliflower-rice 005

Serve with your sides of choice

2014-cauliflower-rice 019

Ta da!  There you have it.  A staple that you can eat everyday instead of rice!


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