Jax’s Bday Cake


Late post tonight, because I spent the day moving couches, fixing fences, and watching an AWESOME (read: terrible) nerd larping movie.  It will also be a short post from only a few months ago — from Jax’s birthday.

Now, lets get one thing clear.  I can make things taste delicious.  What I cannot do is make things look delicious.  This was my epically failed attempt at trying to make something look spectacular.

Some history:  My first foray into cooking, like many other people, was baking simple things, like cakes, brownies and the such.  While I enjoy baking, I don’t do it very often since you end up having to eat what you make, meaning weight gain.  Because of this, my skill is definitely below par (or above par if we are talking golf).  Okay, enough of the disclaimer — this is what I ended up making.

Because of the lack of time that I had to make the cake, I ended up just using whatever ingredients I had in the house.   Eggs, flour, sugar, cream cheese, icing, food colour.  That’s about it.  Standard cake it is.  Whipping up a standard cake recipe, I added food colouring into 3 different pans, of 3 different sizes.


Why 3 different sizes, and shapes?  Good question.  I decided to make her bday cake much like a wedding cake would look like (or so I audaciously attempted)

After baking, and seeing each cake rise in the middle, and not have the shape and dimensions I envisions, I cut them flat, and to the sizes I wanted.  I didn’t realize that in doing so, it would make applying frosting evenly and smoothly pretty much impossible.

After doing a complete crap-ass job at frosting, I thought ‘oh dammit! I should’ve made a fondant to wrap it instead to smooth out the lumps!’ — now I’ve never made a fondant before, nor did I have any ingredients to make one.  Google informed me I could make one out of marshmallows, which I did have!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough for the entire cake, so I made as much as I could … which accounted for … not much.

2014-jax-bday-cake 024

3am in the morning, after spending WAY to look trying to smooth it out, and make it pretty, this is all I was able to muster :/

Suffice it to say, it ended up tasting better than it looked.

2014-jax-bday-cake 025

Ta da!  There you have it.  A noble attempt at a pretty bday cake, which failed miserably 😛


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