This was my very first ‘epic meal’ inspired creation.  What could I make that was so out there, yet tasted good?  Lasagne with all parts of a pig!  a Porksagne!

Take a look at the ingredients that went into it!


Now, when I do epic meals, I make sure to go all out.  Each layer has to be unique, and different enough from the previous layer to make it feel like there’s a party of textures in your mouth.  Check out what I did:

Pulled pork layer.  First you need to season it, and then add it into the slow cooker.  You may have already noticed a theme with my basics.  Garlic, Onions, and some form of pepper.  those go into *everything* I make.  Brown sugar, paprika, Dijon, and some seasoning also went into this.


Come back the next day, shred the pork butt, and give it a nice stir


Next, will be the sausage layer, and the ground pork.


Once cooked, add in some red peppers.


And you can’t forget the sauce.  and Italian seasoning.  lots and lots of Italian seasoning.


To make it creamier, I added in ricotta cheese.  usually my lasagnes are made with cream of mushroom soup, but hey, I told you, I went all out for this 🙂


Don’t forget the bacon! (for those of you keeping track, that’s pork butt, ground pork, pork sausage, and bacon)  When making so much bacon, it’s easier to bake it in the oven.  No, I didn’t put Whiskey on it like epicmealtime does.


Next, assemble that sucker.  layer by layer, add in some lasagne, then meat.  lasagne, then cheese.  lasagne, then more meat.  oooh yeah.

porksagne17 porksagne18 porksagne19 porksagne20 porksagne24 porksagne22

Bake for a SUPER long time to get everything nice and flavourful.


Ta da!  There you have it.  My first (and only) porksagne.  I ended up giving away 95% of it because after one piece, I felt a heart attack coming.  Tomorrow, I shall post something with 0 meat to make up for this meatalicious dish!


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