Avocado Shake (Sinh To Bo imitation) [Vegan Option]

I love avocadoes.  In sushi, in in guacamole, in sandwiches, plain … they are an awesome fruitegitable (I have no idea if its a fruit or veggie).  One way that I REALLY love them is as a smoothie.  Combining avocadoes and condensed milk together? I’M IN!

This recipe is easily made vegan friendly (which I learned when I ordered it at Chau Veggie Express — AWESOME place.  I’ll do a post about this restaurant at a later date)

You only need a few ingredients.  Avocadoes, ice, milk, and condensed milk.  Vegan? substitute the milk with coconut cream, and the condensed milk with honey.

2014-avocado-shake 005

Cut your green ball of goodness in half, and remove the seed.  I find the easiest way to do this is to hack it with your knife, then give it a little twist.

2014-avocado-shake 009

Push out the avocado into your blender.  You don’t even need a spoon if its ripe enough.  Grab your glass of choice, and fill it up with ice cubes.  Generally 6 cubes is what I use.  Use the same glass and measure out about 1/2 a cup of milk or so.  Add everything to the blender.

2014-avocado-shake 010

Now the fun part.  Add in the condensed milk.  Most old school recipes say add 1/2 a can of condensed milk (!!!!) but I only use a smidgeon of that.  I use about 1 tablespoon.  To increase the sweetness, I sometimes add honey, but not always.  A trick to store, and dispense condensed milk is to pour the entire contents of the can into an old (but clean) ketchup bottle.

2014-avocado-shake 011

Since I’ve made this so many times, I never even measure how much I put it anymore.

2014-avocado-shake 014

Smash all ingredients to smithereens in your blender, and then serve in the same glass you used to measure everything.  Yes, I hate washing dishes!!

2014-avocado-shake 019

Ta da!  There you have it.  Avocado shake!  You’ll notice that mine isn’t as green as others.  I prefer using a more ripe avocado as it has a better flavour to it.  This means that there is a slight brown discolouration.  Once again, this goes back to my general way of cooking.  I can make things taste great.  I don’t make them look great.


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  1. This looks amazing! If only I had condensed milk, I could make it now gahh..(◔◡◔)

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