Garlic Rosemary Rack of Lamb


Food We Like To Eat isn’t always about sharing recipes, or restaurant reviews.  Sometimes it’s literally just sharing something that we really like to eatRack of lamb is one of my favourite cuts of meat.  If I have any say as to what my birthday meal is, I will always say rack of lamb.  Jax makes a pretty mean one at home.

2015-rack-of-lamb 002

The pairing she did for this meal was maple dill carrots.


She also made some corn cakes, which she learned from her sister-in-law.


Even though both of those things are good, I couldn’t care less about them.  It’s ALL about the lamb!  Cooked the best way of searing it on the cast iron pan first, and then finishing it in the oven, I prefer mine on the more rare side.

2015-rack-of-lamb 005

Deep frying the garlic and rosemary works extremely well — it flavours up the meat nicely!

2015-rack-of-lamb 006

Serve with your favourite red wine, and you have a gourmet meal at home!


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  1. Nina says:

    Aw I made rack of lamb for KD’s bday dinner too!

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