Procrastination Mango Munchies


We love puff pastry.  Look at all of the previous recipes we’ve posted, and you’ll see how many include puff pastry.  It’s so versatile — you can have it with both savoury and sweet.  Since it’s readily available at our grocery store, it’s super convenient to always keep some in the freezer.

This is another 5 min idea that you can quickly make when you have nothing else in the house.  It also only uses 3.5 ingredients!!

Why Procrastination?  Most of my 5 min recipes are born from procrastination.  That, and I’ve mastered the art of procrastination!  Why do something now, when you can rush and do it last second?? 🙂



  • Puff Pastry
  • Frozen Fruit
  • White Sugar, and Brown Sugar (this is the .5 ingredient)


Place your fruit into the blender with some brown sugar.  Grind it to a silky smooth consistency.


Sprinkle the white sugar on your counter.  This will make sure your pastry won’t stick.


Spread the fruit mixture onto the pastry.  Don’t worry too much how it will look, because most of it will ooze out in the next step.


Roll each end towards the middle.  Or if you want, roll it completely from one end to the next.


Cut into slices about 1 cm thick.  Lay on parchment paper.


Bake in your oven at the recommended temperature on the package.  I did 15 mins at 400 F.  Take them out when they are golden and crispy.  No moist chewy cookies this time!

Serve with some ice cream.


Ta da!  There you have it!  Procrastination Mango Munchies!  The best part of this?  You can use any fruit, and form it into any shape you can think of.  Jax made a cherry pouch at the same time.


The possibilities are endless!


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