Revscene BC Spot Prawns

One of my favourite forums to browse is  There is a food forum there which inspired me to try making spot prawns at home!  Seeing other home cooks make such beautiful variations of BC Spot Prawns inspired me to cook some for the first time ever.

2015-bc-spot-prawns 012

For an ingredient like this, simplest is best.  Steam it, and eat it with a simple dipping sauce.  There is no recipe that I have for this, just some basic cooking directions.  There is no prep work either — we are not going to de-vein, shell, nor pre-season them at all.  I literally only used 3 ingredients — BC Spot Prawns, Oil, and XO Sauce!

2015-bc-spot-prawns 002

These need to be cooked straight from liveWash them quickly in cold water.  Do not pre-wash them, or leave them out for too long.  They will break down and not taste nearly as good.

2015-bc-spot-prawns 003

Place them in a steaming basket.

2015-bc-spot-prawns 005

Steam for no more than 3 minutes!  Do not overcook!!

2015-bc-spot-prawns 007

For the dipping sauce, I just thinned out some XO sauce by adding oil, but something that goes extremely well with it, is chili peppers and garlic in oil.  We also had some leftover meat dipping sauce from the Siu Yuk that we made, which surprisingly tasted great with it too 🙂

2015-bc-spot-prawns 009

Ta da!  There you have it — first time making steamed BC Spot Prawns.  The best way of eating these?  Spread out newspapers on your outdoor patio table, grab one in your left hand, and twist off the head with your right hand.  Throw the shells right on the newspapers, and dip the meat in the sauce.  Cleanup will be a breeze by just wrapping up all of the newspapers and composting it!


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