Blazing Cast Iron Steak


Recently, we’ve acquired some high quality NY 12 oz Certified Angus Beef steaks (thanks DA!)  Because of the quality, the best way to eat these are rare.  Don’t even think of going higher than medium rare!  Not feeling like going out in the blazing 30+ degree C sun, cooking them on a cast iron pan offers just as great results, without the sunburn.

2015-cast-iron-steak 020

Also, because these are really good cuts, it’s best not to mess around with the meat.  Salt, pepper, oil, and that’s it.

2015-cast-iron-steak 002

There are a couple tricks to making a great cast iron steak — the pan has to be blazing hot.  Get the oil smoking hot.

2015-cast-iron-steak 008

Generously spread over granulated salt, and freshly ground peppercorns over both sides.

2015-cast-iron-steak 004

When you think you’ve added enough, keep going.  You want a nice layer!

2015-cast-iron-steak 005

Place the steaks in the blazing hot pan, and cook for no more than 3 minutes2.5 will do.

2015-cast-iron-steak 009

Flip it over, and do the same to the other side.

2015-cast-iron-steak 010

Get a beautiful hard sear on each top and bottom side as well.  Hold it with tongs if you need to.

2015-cast-iron-steak 012

When you take then out of the pan, let them rest for a solid 5 minutes.  I generally let it sit for at least 10.

Use a non-serrated knife and carve the piece of meat.

2015-cast-iron-steak 023

Ta da!  There you have it!  Blazing Cast Iron Steak!  No muss, no fuss, no weird ingredients.  Just an old school cast iron pan, and salt and pepper.  Can’t go wrong with the classics!


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