Mushrooms Roasted Japanese Style

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 050

I love mushrooms!!  I order this dish at our local Japanese restaurant every time we go there, so when I saw this on a tv cooking show and realized how easy it was I had to make it.  We ate it as a side dish to CS’ Blazing Cast Iron Steak  and it was soo yummy!

All you need is an assortment of mushrooms….I use the “Japanese” ones because they’re smaller and thinner so they take on the flavor better and don’t produce as much water.  Here we have brown Shimeji mushrooms, Enoki and some Dried Shitake I found in the pantry.  You’ll also need unsalted butter, soy sauce, garlic and aluminum foil.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 007

First prep your mushrooms by washing them, patting them dry and cutting off the end which is where the mushrooms are all bunched together.  This will help you separate them when you combine all the ingredients later.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 009

Cut up the butter into cubes and dice the garlic.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 016

Now all you have to do is combine everything with some soy sauce and place it into the aluminum foil.  I tried to make the foil into a pan shape so that the juices wouldn’t spill out while everything was steaming.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 012

Leave a little opening at the top to allow some of the water to evaporate.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 015

Now put the foil on a baking sheet and put everything into the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  When it’s done you’ll be able to smell the garlic and butter, which is heavenly.

2015-garlic-butter-mushrooms 054

Open up the aluminum foil package of goodness, fluff it all up a little with a fork and enjoy!



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