Roasted Corn on the Cob – Jax style

2015-roast-corn 017

I came up with this method of cooking corn one summer when we bought over 12 ears of corn and got tired of eating them boiled or on the bbq.  You can use any combination of spices or salts, our favourites being Cajun and Roasted Garlic and if you want to keep the salt intake down, just use unsalted butter.

The ingredients are simple.  Corn on the cob in the husk, butter, salt, spice, aluminum foil and some water.

2015-roast-corn 002

First take off all the bits that look like hair and peel back the husk but don’t take it off.  Do it like you were peeling a banana.

2015-roast-corn 005

Next, rub the entire ear with butter (salted or unsalted, your choice)

2015-roast-corn 006

Then, put your spices and salt on. As you can see I put a piece of parchment paper down to catch all the stray bits but you can also use aluminum foil since you’ll be wrapping the corn up in it anyways.  I take whatever’s left and put it back on the corn so there isn’t any waste.

2015-roast-corn 007

Then wrap the corn back up in the husk and put some water on it, either by holding it briefly under the tap or just patting it with water scooped into your hand.  This keeps the husk from burning while it’s in the oven and helps steam the corn a little faster.  Don’t put too much water or else you’ll wash off all the butter and spices.

2015-roast-corn 009

Then I wrap the ear up in aluminum foil and put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

2015-roast-corn 012

When it’s done, you’ll know from the smell of all that buttery goodness.  Be careful when you take it out though cause it will be super hot.

2015-roast-corn 016

You can peel off all the husk now or you can peel it back again like a banana and use it as a nice handle wrapped in the used tin foil.  Keeps your fingers from getting burnt too 🙂

2015-roast-corn 020

And there’s your fancy seasoned corn.  Enjoy trying different combinations and be generous with your butter for some truly yummy roasted corn 🙂


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