First Steak of Summer!


You know what time it is? BBQ time!  The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, what a better time to have a classic steak?

Nothing fancy about this post, just excited to have a grilled steak finally after such a long time!  Too bad the cut of meat we got wasn’t very good — we had to cook it to medium, but still, nothing like sitting outside with a cold beverage and a big ‘ole hunk of meat!

2015-steak 021

No recipe again this time — just simple seasoning.  Garlic powder and onion powder for one, and bbq sauce for the next.

2015-steak 004

Choice of veggies today?  Asparagus and bell peppers!

2015-steak 005

Throw some garlic in foil as well, and you’ll get a fantastic topping.

My trick to cooking steak on the grill?  Getting it nice and hot before hand.

2015-steak 006

Let it warm up a good 10-15 mins before hand, so that it sears the outside of the meat.  Place everything directly on the grill!  No point in grilling if you don’t get the hash marks.

2015-steak 012

I personally don’t like burned bell peppers, so we take them out when they are still nice and vibrant looking.

2015-steak 017

As for the steak?  Cook it how you like it.  I like rare, however only with a good cut of meat.  As the piece we had was previously frozen and not of the highest grade, we decided to leave it in a few mins longer.

2015-steak 025

Ta da!  First steak of Summer!  We’ll be grilling quite a bit more over the Summer, so get ready for a whole lot of BBQ!


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